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SHEAR STYLE SUITES is one of the premier salons in the Memphis area. You'll LOVE the atmosphere, the contemporary decor, complimentary amenities and the highest level of professionalism. We cater to all types of hair needs and service diversity.


Clients come from all over the Memphis area, because they

  • #1) don't like sitting around a long time, using up their day

  • #2) appreciate having the most talented stylists take care of their hair needs

  • #3) enjoy the laid back, polished and professional atmosphere

  • #4) get amazing service for the value

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Are you ready for a different experience? Shear Style Suites is looking for talented stylists and barbers to join our team. Too many times, hair professionals get frustrated, burned out and become unhappy while working in the industry that they love. You won't have this problem nor feel anything but daily excitement and support, as well as truly being part of a team. 


Click the button below to send us an email and we'll contact you to come by for a visit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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